Health & Safety

Here at Billy Bates & Sons we endeavour to provide a service that is second to none. This can only be achieved through sound management and well-trained staff operating to tried and tested procedures.

Every one’s well-being is always at the forefront of our minds and in collaboration with our Health & Safety advisers we have put together procedures to cover our legal and moral obligations.

A good Health & Safety Policy provides the backbone to our operations, which in turn covers site Safety Plans, Testing, Training, Supervision and Risk Assessments (in line with HSG 175).

Our rides have annual independent safety tests and daily inspections are carried out by our own ride technicians.

Before we can open to the public all Health & Safety, insurance and risk assessment documentation is checked and verified by a council official (or independent event management personnel). Billy Bates & Sons also have an obligation to check and validate these docs before our rides and stalls can operate.

One reason for the success of Billy Bates & Sons has to be attributed to our management and selection of supporting showmen and staff training.

We believe very strongly in the “hands-on” approach to management and we insist that a high standard must be met and maintained for anyone associated with our events.

Our vast knowledge of the event industry and the ability to provide an in-depth level of experience in our line of work has enabled us to gain recognition for setting high standards.