The Bates Family have been operating Fun Fairs and amusements for 6 generations, with over 100 years operating attractions in and around the City of Leicester.

Billy Bates & Sons became a limited company in January 1990 and since the early 90’s our company has changed greatly. Back then we provided mostly local community fairs on Leicester’s parks and recreation grounds. Our big events of the year we’re The City Of Leicester Show and local Bonfire and firework displays.

About - Billy Bates Funfair
About - Billy Bates Funfair

In more recent years we’ve had the pleasure of supplying attractions for some of the UK’s largest outdoor festivals, film and TV work, corporate parties and various councils for town centre events. We also continue to enjoy providing local community Fun Fairs in Leicester and we are always keen to promote the City by being on board with local events such as Christmas in the City, Leicester Pride and various community carnivals.

With our continued investment in training and infrastructure, Billy Bates & Sons have and will continue to evolve with the changing times, adapting to new tastes, trends and above all, Health & Safety and Environmental legislation.