Funfair visitors

Funfair visitors

Hello & Welcome!

Here you’ll find some useful tips and information that may come in handy if you’re planning a visit to one of our events and what you should expect if you’re visiting us for the first time.


We like to think of our Fairs as community events and over many years now we have enjoyed hearing lots of stories from our customers. We love the feedback we receive and it’s very important to us. It let’s us know when we get it right and when we get it wrong. So please update us on you’re experiences or send in some pictures so we can add them to our photo gallery!



All of our Fairs will vary in size and by the number of attractions, so this is just general information and it could possibly change a little at some venues. For more event specific information please click here and if you would like to know some of our FAQ’s click here!



For some people the excitement of coming to the Fun Fair can get a little bit overwhelming! Quite often we see kids setting off like rockets as soon as they set foot through the entrance. Please help us and our staff by keeping your little ones close by at all times. The last thing we want is a slip or a trip to spoil a great day out!


If you have’nt been to one of our Fairs in a long time or you’re a new customer, one of the first things you will notice is our admisson charge at the entrance to the fair. This was set up in 2004 because of a steady increase in crime and anti-social behaviour at our Fairs. We decided to erect a perimeter fence around each fairground and have regular security patrols to secure the fair. We wanted to bring back the family atmosphere that a Fun Fair is supposed to have. Stopping everyone at the entrance gave us the opportunity to monitor who comes in and also to enforce some rules in our effort to make it safer for families. It was also decided that children under 5, and OAP’s would not have to pay to get in. We have also tried to off set the admission fee as much as possible by keeping prices the same on rides or in some cases lowering them like we did with kiddie rides in 2009.

We now feel that this system offers many benefits for everyone’s safety and we get lots of very positive feedback from our Fairs. It has also enabled us to provide more facilities and what we feel is a better customer experience.


Please help us to be cleaner and greener by putting your litter in the bins provided when you visit one of our Fun Fairs or events.







If you require any further information about visiting one of our fairs and you can’t find it on our website please feel free to contact us by clicking here!