Billy Bates & Sons are committed to making improvements in the way our business effects the environment. We are meeting new challenges and complying with all relevant legislation. We have identified which area’s of our business can be improved and we have established Environmental Management Programs to help us achieve this.

At the end of 2011 we ordered a new fuel efficient generator which will power several attractions and do the work of two old generators. We also took delivery of a new low energy electric motor to drive the Waltzer.

The depot where we store and maintain our rides (in Enderby, Leicester) now has over 300 tree’s that we started planting back in 1997.

Lots of our children’s rides now have or are soon to be fitted with low energy lighting and extra measures are now in place to prevent oil, chemical and fuel leaks/spillages.

Because we are based in Leicester and most of our Fairs and events are in or around the city, it means that the majority of our staff will cycle, walk or use public transport to get into work. Which is also the same for a lot of our customers!

As you can see from the few examples we have given on this page. Protecting the environment and our planet’s natural resources is an important objective for Billy Bates & Sons and we will continue to monitor and incorporate improvements as we look to the future.